This tutorial covers the following topics:

  • Selecting the "Monitor" mode in a search/monitor tab.
  • Defining monitoring criteria.
  • Starting monitoring.
  • Pausing monitor scrolling to be able to analyze the current results.
  • Saving the monitoring results to a file.

It is based on the Mac version of Retrospective.

You might be familiar with the *NIX tail tool. The equivalent in Retrospective is Monitoring. Monitoring is almost as important as searching.


Step 1: Choose a profile and select Monitor mode.

Step 2: Enable advanced monitor options.

Step 3: Define monitoring criteria.

  • Provide desired phrase.
  • Click the icon to add a new parameter.
  • Select logical condition for search parameters (AND if all parameters must be met, OR if only either of the parameters must be met).

Step 4: Start monitoring by clicking the Start Monitor button.

While monitoring, you can click the icon to pause results scrolling, allowing the current result entries to be analyzed.

Click the icon to clear the results set without stopping monitoring.

Step 5: Analyze your results.

  • Browse search results.
  • Click desired element to view the entire log entry data.

Step 6: Save the results to file for further analysis by clicking the icon.


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